Border Crisis Spoken Word Poem



Although I don’t believe in borders, its the system we have in place

Since the beginning of time, this has been an instinct of our race

There are culture clashes, that lead to division

Instead of mainstream political propaganda,

we have to simply demand an answer

Instead of open borders, open hearts

As our own economy, continues to fall apart

In this world of chaos and much confusion

we must fin the problem, to find a solution  

Digital World Spoken Word Poem


Our planet, is consistently becoming digital

But has it taken away our values, is an argument that’s pivotal

People confide themselves in social media 

Or who’s popping up on Wikipedia

Just the  other day I’m online shopping, I reach for

my wallet, and realize Google already has it

When you can ask your car, how bad is traffic

If an app can make your house operational

No I’m not paranoid, just observational

When our world becomes computerized

There’s no place for us, in this future life 

Funny Spoken Word Poem | Welfare









Man I hate getting government checks

Those grocery stores are packed, on the first through the fifth

Getting summoned to the county office to update your info

As you approach the front of the line, it starts moving real slow

Can a few hundred dollars, last the course of a month

That’s why I haven’t been back since receiving it once

How about we invest more money, to pay decent wages

It’s the 21st century, I shouldn’t need county assistance, if receiving a paycheck

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Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine

Check out Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine!

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Religion Spoken Word Poem

rsz_religion101-v2 (1)


There are approximately 4,200 religions, currently being practiced

Which include; Cults, Christians, Muslims, and we cant forget the Baptist 

Religion is a cultural system of beliefs

It’s generally taught by pastors, or some may call them priest 

Basic information before leaving earth, two thirds of american citizens,

read the King James version of the B.I.B.L.E

Passages depicting quotes from god, and his disciples

We won’t be judged collectively, so I believe in individuality 

See the fundamental aspect of it, is in the spirituality  






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