Labor Day Poem



For all those individuals, who spend the year working consistently 

Spend some time to appreciate your work with others, and individually 

So weather you cooking, traveling, clubbing, or grubbing 

Just make sure you spend this day doing absolutely nothing

Celebrate for the ones who helped build this nation 

Take a chance to reflect, and celebrate this creation

Enjoy each other today, tomorrow we have a job to do 

We have to make sure our elected officials, are working as hard as me and you

New World Order Poem









While people praise population control and reduction

The governments have been hijacked, as we stood by and watched the abduction

Our borders open, and economies collapsing 

Plagued by war and violence, if we open our eyes we can see what’s happening

Militarization of our law enforcement

Of course the looting and violence, just only supports it

While the satanic elite, attempt to divide and conquer

We must begin to take action, there’s no time left to wonder

As a people, God blessed us with the right to make our own decisions

That means our government shouldn’t be allowed to dictate our position

It’s time that we held our leaders accountable

They’re destroying our nation, I want to know who’s responsible 


No Place to Hide


No Place to Hide

Imagine a world, were  government survailence is watching it’s people

And recording our lives, all the things that we do

when our cell phones and cars become tracking devices

Smart homes, meters, and household appliances

Now thinking of ways to arrest you, for future crimes

Your not safe in your homes or even your minds

Intruding on privacy,  and infringing on rights

There is no place to hide, in this thing called life

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Economic Collapse


Prices are rising on a daily bases

People barely feeding there family in most cases

The dollar is devaluing, and economies are collapsing

Police are preparing with violence we can see this happening

The western banking system, and criminal politicians 

Care more about securing their interest, and holding there position

We cannot keep focusing on the daily news 

Do you want a world war from false flag crisis, we have to choose

There is no time to be timid, our government needs to stand for every individual

We need to be self informed as people, and get more intellectual

It sad to see what our world has come to

But we are the resistance, that means each and everyone of you   


Passion For Truth Poem


Passion for truth…

In a world that’s plagued by lies

With mostly speculation and no answers why

where has the moral values and integrity of our leaders gone

they preach peace and prosperity, Like a sing along

withholding critical information from entire masses

Distorting knowledge in our childrens classes

Arresting shoplifter who can barely feed there family

Stopping our right, to a peaceful assembly

Is it fair that corporations can lobby politicians

Impairing there judgement, and effecting decisions

Note this letter, is for those who have a passion for the truth

That change is depending on each and everyone of you

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World Peace Poem



world motivation

change starts with one person, one individual, taking a stand

are we wrong for questioning criminal politicians

Wanting officials held accountable, for not satisfying their positions

Right now… their is a war on liberty, that’s also quite astonishing

They sell the world hope and dreams, they never end up accomplishing

In a system rigged by politicians, bankers, and the so called elite

which is fueled by our support, it’s in our hands when it will suffer defeat

So if you are reading this poem, it’s time to do your part

share this message with others, because I mean it from the heart


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